Unofficial : Sunny Deol and Harbhajan Singh might contest on BJP’s ticket.

There is a rumor floating around that BJP is planning to field stars like Sunny Deol or Harbhajan Singh in Punjab. Every seat has become crucial for incumbent government. BJP is allocated only 3 seats as part of the seat sharing pact with Akali Dal. Punjab has become a strong hold for Congress over the last 5 years and BJP party is finding it tough to win. In order to breach the strong fort built by Amarinder Singh, BJP wants to rely on stars in their allotted parliament seats.

BJP lost their Gurdaspur seat in bye election when their parliamentarian Vinod Khanna died few year back. Now it has become prestigious for them win their seat back. Sources say that either Sunny or Bajji may contest from Amritsar. Not sure if they will move one to Gurdaspur.