Guest Column Narayana : Power Corrupts

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. so goes the same. It is true of the circumstances we are living in. After getting independence we opted for parliamentary type of democracy, wherein people have absolute say. Their word is ultimate. But, as the years went on, the very concept of decentralization of power so as to ensure comprehensive development has lost its relevance giving way for centralization of power.

After getting elected with a massive mandate or lesser majority, the powers that be have started to establish them so as not to allow anybody to dislarge them. They are trying to strengthen themselves by every means at their disposal. The political parties which clamor for serving the people and do everything for their betterment have thrown to winds the very concept of development, the very movement they attain power.

It is a stark reality in the state of affairs of Telangana. Whether it is TRS or Congress or even TDP, when they come to power they resort to all kinds of means to strengthen powers in their hands. Development doesn’t mean centralization or concentration of power. Really it is percolation of power that ensures all round or comprehensive development. When the political parties ignore this fundamental facet of development, they ignore all the wherewithal that is required for a state to be called progressive. But, the reality is nowhere near it. It is day by day loosing its ground and giving way for all kinds of aliments whose main aim is centralizing or concentrating power in their hands. As a result of it balanced development of society and all the sectors that are part and parcel of it has lost its relevance. This again let the fact that the development has lost its track. Thereby everything going topsy-turvy.

Politics should be and must be progressive and mutually respective and accommodative. But in the present context, whether it is at the central level or at the state level, power mongering has become the order of the day. No leader of a political party, no chief minister of a state, is aloof of this kind of tendency. After attaining power and after getting the cherished post, they resort to all kinds of undemocratic and immoral means to retaining their sway. This ultimately causing a lot of damage to the concept of development and its needed percolation. The situation has come to such a pass that the economic and social equality has lost its relevance and ultimately the very credibility of the concept of the development.

Governance means providing everything to the people for their development and ensuring everything for the society, for the enrichment of every sector. But due to power politics, the very power has become ultimate goal of every political party so as make them look the other way, when the very concept of the development is staring at them. The situation is not going to change and will not change unless the attitude of the political parties is changed. Politics should always be constructive. Then only the structure of society remains solid.