Review : Maharshi – Rishi to Maharshi..Breezy to Boring

Movie : Maharshi

TT rating : 2.75/5 (Beneath ‘OUR’ Expectations : starts breezy but ends boring)

** True Telangana will keep their reviews short and crisp. We are genuine movie lovers and our rating is not a yard stick of Directors or Actors talent but it is a measure of our expectations**

One of the long awaited movies of the year, Maharshi is about Rishi’s self-discovery during his journey of escaping from his parents middle-class inadequacy to a world where lives are defined by professional accomplishment, money and position. 

First-half strikes as refreshing and is pure energy, a perfect orchestration of heroism, romance and comic relief. The sequence of events sets the tone for hero’s purposeful career to come, one that puts a premium on success with money. The impact of impressive first-half is suffocated by the execution and slow pace in second-half. Second-half is where the hero sets out on a journey of self-discovery and evolving into an architect of success for people who believe in him but thats where movie falls flat and curdled with dull and boring moments. 

Mahesh is excellent and has the whole movie on his shoulders and carries it with ease. He should be commended for his genuine efforts to be part of a movie different from regular potboilers. Though Pooja doesn’t have much room for acting, Allari Naresh, Jayasudha, Prakash Raj and Rao Ramesh, all play their support roles well. 

In essence, Maharshi is never entirely satisfying. There’s much expectation but gives an impression that the director just managed to create something that’s stylish, moral, prophetic but dull and boring. Movie goes on too long, almost 3 hrs which could easily be trimmed by 15-20 minutes.