Is Bithiri Satthi on the way out of V6

As per the latest rumors circling in the media, Bithiri Satthi who became a house hold name  with the Teenmaar program is planning to bid good bye to V6 channel.

Audience all over Telangana became fond of Bithiri Satthi mannerisms on Teenmaar while he got a platform to showcase his talent. It’s been said that, Bithiri Satthi is hurt with few people at the V6 channel though Satthi feels he is indebted to the management.

V6 chairman G. Vivek is said to have led the mediations to pacify Satthi to make him remain with the channel. But the mediations have failed as Satthi is adamant about leaving the channel.

Now that the news of Satthi leaving the channel is out, other channel heads have started the negotiations to pull him into their channel. Every channel know that, Satthi can pull certain section of Telangana audience towards them.

It is very common for talented people to shift their loyalties if they don’t get that additional respect they expect with gaining popularity.

It’s also being said that, Satthi might be gearing towards movies where he is getting some roles these days. Whatever medium he choses, lets hope Bithiri Satthi keeps entertaining people.