Congress takes jibe at Modi’s ‘cloud radar’ theory

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s “cloud radar” theory provided the netizens a field day and now the main opposition of the country is making the most of it. 

Congress leader Divya Spandana shared a video clip from PM Narendra Modi’s interview, wherein he made “clouds can save jets from radar” remark, and claimed that the interview was scripted. The clip shows PM Modi reading out his poem from a paper that had the interviewer’s question, which he asked a few seconds ago, already written on it.

On the other side both, Rahul and Priyanka bashed the PM over this remark in their own way. After PM Narendra Modi said he authorised Balakot airstrikes thinking that the clouds on the day of the strike can help Indian jets escape Pakistan’s radars, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi mocked him saying, “He has come on radar bahano bhaiyo.” 

Priyanka further said, “Whether it’s rainy weather or clear daylight, now everyone has understood the truth behind PM’s politics.”

Now, its the turn of the Congress Party President, Rahul Gandhi to have a dig against the PM. Addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Neemuch, Rahul Gandhi said, “Modiji, whenever it rains in India, do all aircraft disappear from the radar?”