Is Sridhar Babu the next PCC president of Telangana?

According to the Gandhi Bhavan circles, the party’s senior leader and former minister Duddilla Sridhar Babu will be the next PCC president of Telangana.

The Decision will most likely be finalized after the parliament results on May 23 or once a government is finalized at the centre.

Following the dismal performance of the Congress party in the assembly polls, there have been rumors that Uttam Kumar Reddy will be replaced.

Sridhar Babu turned out to be the lone Congress MLA from the old Karimnagar district. He had been elected for the third time from Manthani in the recent polls.

Sridhar Babu has previously served as Minister of the Legislative Assembly, Civil Supply and Higher Education. During the Congress regime, he also held the government whip post. Sridhar Babu also held the positions of Karimnagar District Chairman, AICC member, and Manifesto Committee Chairman.