Mahesh Babu’s heroine beauty secret REVEALED!

Mahesh Babu’s movie heroine Kiara Advani has the skin we all want, doesn’t she? Clear, smooth, glowing…

It looks like she is blessed with eternal beauty and has been winning everyone’s hearts with charming smile. Everyone wants to know her beauty secrets to follow. Here is the good news for those who wants to follow her beauty secret.

Do you think, is it possible to be in shape, height without doing gym activities? No, right!!  But, this actress has proved it! Yes, Kiara is maintaining the beauty without doing activities.

The actress has revealed that she will practice Kathak dance for at least one hour in a day to be in shape, fit. This cute actress also states that she has been practicing Kathak dance since childhood and this has helped her to maintain beauty.

Currently, Kiara is busy in the shooting of Akshay Kumar’s Good news movie. Her movie ‘Kabhir Singh’ is ready for release.