Mayawati continues to bash Modi!

Bhaujan Samaj Party Chief, Mayawati is on a roar against the PM Narendra Modi.  While senior BJP and Congress leaders traverse the country and hold roadshows while they campaign for the ongoing Lok Sabhaelections, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati feels it is a fad.

On Tuesday BSP supremo Mayawati said that PM Narendra Modi is losing the elections and it appears that even RSS has stopped supporting them. “Owing to public anger over non-fulfillment of poll-promises, RSS workers are not seen campaigning for BJP anywhere,” she added. Mayawati further said that all this has made PM Modi nervous.

Earlier, she slashed Modi that he left his wife for political gains as a reply to Modi’s comments who termed her concern over a Dalit victim as crocodile tears.

Not stopping there, she also said that many leaders, till date, have donned various avatars, like that of sevak, chaiwala and chowkidar, to dupe the public, but now the country needed a real Prime Minister. Apparently criticising the BJP, she added the people have been cheated a lot by such “dual characters”. She said it’s clear that people won’t accept cheating further.