TRS open to conditional front with Congress

KCR had been chasing the dreams of a non-Congress front and non-BJP front since last year and he is very firm that the federal front should be in the driver’s seat, running the government

On Tuesday, TRS spokesman Abid Rasool Khan’ stated that Telangana CM and president of TRS, KCR is open to working with Congress to form a government at the Centre, provided that they do not ask for the driver’s seat. 

TRS spokesperson’s statement that his party is ready to do business with Rahul Gandhi-led outfit is seen as significant change, ahead of next week’s Lok Sabha election results.

In the event that the federal front falls short of numbers to form the government, it would explore Congress option to support it from outside, he said.

“We are strongly committed to having regional parties in the driver’s seat. Prime Minister’s post should go to one of federal front representatives. We are open to discussing with Congress and see if they support us in forming government. But in no way will the proposed federal front align with BJP” Khan said.

He further said, parties like the SP, BSP, YSRCP, DMK, and TRS would do well in the elections, but the 100-seat mark would not be crossed by Congress. If Congress does not win 180-200 seats alone, its allies, like the DMK, would see ‘ no fun ‘ being with it. JDS in Karnataka has upper hand and expect Communist parties to do well in Kerala and some other places.