Inform about Beggar, Get Rs.1000

The Director-General of Prisons and Correctional Services, V K Singh, has indicated that if any beggar is spotted in any place in Hyderabad City, citizens can report the control room at 040-24511791, 24527846 or at Anandashram, Chanchalguda telephone number 040-24414940 to assist in eradicating begging in Hyderabad.

In his media release today, he said the Telangana Prisons Department has announced that anyone reporting a beggar to authorities receives the prize of Rs.1000. This is a move towards involving the public in this initiative and raising consciousness.

The Department has two Central Prison facilities-Chanchalguda and Central prison, Cherlapally for male and female beggars, Anand Ashram, Chanchalguda (for male and Anand Ashram, Cherlapally (for female).

“Our proposals to extend the facilities of Anand Ashram has been pending with the Government. Once we get approval, we will start Anand Ashrams in all the Districts of Telangana”, he added.