High Court refuses PIL against Kamal Haasan

Delhi High Court refused to allow a PIL that referred to actor-cum-politician Kamal Haasan’s comment about Mahatma Gandhi’s murderer being an Hindu terrorist and directed Election Commission (EC) to “limit” religion misuse for electoral benefits.

A bench of judges G S Sistani and Jyoti Singh stated that Haasan’s remarks were made outside the jurisdiction of the Delhi High Court and therefore can not be heard.

However, the court requested the EC to promptly assess Upadhyay’s representation against Haasan’s comment. Upadhyay’s petition also requested to debar applicants and de-register groups that “misuse” religion for electoral gains.

Upadhyay, also a lawyer, alleged that Kamal Haasan deliberately made the statement in the presence of a Muslim majority crowd for electoral gains. The petition contends that this was clearly a corrupt practice under the Representation of the People Act (RPA) 1951.