Exclusive : Congress could evolve as the king maker in both the Telugu states

Over the last few days, KCR’s efforts in the formation of the federal front have been intensified and there are certain consequences that might favour the opposition at the centre with this federal front. KCR has been touring the South to attract the leaders towards his idea of formation of non-BJP and non-Congress front. The recent information is that Congress approached this TRS dynamo to join in the Mahaghatbandhan or Grand alliance.

It seems like the KCR’s idea in the formation of the federal front is nothing but to develop it into an alternative for NDA if BJP falls short of majority. So that KCR could easily bargain for a Deputy PM post at the Centre while handing over the reins of Telangana to his son K.T. Rama Rao. There is a possibility for this situation to happen as Congress is the party that has these kind of intentions as we see in the case of Kumaraswamy in Karnataka.

Suppose, if he joins the Mahaghatbandan, he has to face his political arch rival, Chandrababu Naidu who played a prominent role in bringing all the anti-BJP leaders under one hut. Chandrababu’s main aim is to dethrone Modi from the PM Chair and if it could happen with KCR becoming the deputy PM, he wouldn’t have any problem with that. 

On the other hand, it will also benefit the Congress politically as the party that not only created Telangana and allowed for bifurcation, but also granted Special Status to AP and ensured that the relations between the two Telugu states remain cordial. There is one more benefit for Congress as KCR and Jagan are having an alliance, with Jagan declared that he will support the party at Centre which will give special status to the Andhra Pradesh. Jagan has the more chances to get the majority of the Lok Sabha seats and then with KCR and Jagan or Chandrababu at their side, Congress could regain glory.

If you wonder what will be the situation in the state politics of both Andhra and Telangana, if the above scenario happens, that’s the story for another exclusive.