Kaleshwaram Project : Wet run of Pumps 3 and 4 successful

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On Wednesday, the third pump’s wet run was successfully completed early in the afternoon followed by the fourth pump run later in the evening.

Pumps 3 and 4 test runs on Wednesdays were monitored by Special Duty Officer (Irrigation) Sridhar Rao Deshpande, Chief Minister of Irrigation Venkateswarulu Irrigation Engineers, Penta Reddy, Chief Minister Advisor (Lift irrigation).

Speaking after Wednesday’s wet run, Deshpande said they were confident of a glitch-free test run after earlier April’s successful run of the first two pumps.

The 124.4 Mega Watt capacity pumps lift the water with each pump vertically to 110 Meters and pour the water in a cistern from where it is transferred to the Nandimedaram reservoir by means of gravity.

When all the seven pumps are operational, they can lift 634 Cusecs.

The irrigation department’s engineers have successfully tested four of the seven pumps at the pumphouse with Wednesday’s wet run.

On April 24 and April 25 respectively, the two first pumps in Nandimedaram were successfully tested, officially referred to as ‘Package 6’ of the Kaleshwaram project and were built at the expense of Rs 4,961 crore.