India turns right : ‘firmly’ – Opposition failed to unite

2019 elections results carry more significance than the one in 2014. Back then, India gave Modi his first opportunity to serve the nation based on the good work done by him, which was limited to Gujarat and were willing to look beyond the pro-hindu image generated by the 2002 violence.

But in 2019, the re-election of Modi and the BJP despite poor economic policies and growing un-employment, despite social dissonance and caste conflicts, is much more significant. 2019 is unlike 2014, lot of anger among people: farmers on the streets, demonetization and GST destruction. 

India has turned to the right and turned very firmly. Hindu vote bank has been consolidated, consecrated, and sanctified in a sense.

To have the BJP doing well in Telangana, marks a significant shift and the turn to right is noticeable. 

If the main opposition party in the country gets only 44 seats, there is not much scope for them? Opposition failed to unite.

We mustn’t forget that there is a basic conflict between the Congress and the regional parties – most of them are breakaways from the Congress, many of them even have Congress in their names! Can we expect them to come together, to forge an understanding? Will the parties would set aside their differences.

But this is a landslide. This is not a normal election. Going by the numbers as they stand, an alliances states would not have made a difference.

Opposition has to focus on politics between elections. They must focus on policies rather than name calling, which they haven’t done enough so far. The fight will have to go on, as it must, and they have to do more than they have been doing in the last five years.