Review : Sita – Snobby and Snooty

Movie : Sita

TT rating : 3/5 (Met ‘OUR’ Low Expectations : Can live up to be ‘Typical’ Teja movie – ‘Uh Oh’)

** True Telangana will keep their reviews short and crisp. We are genuine movie lovers and our rating is not a yard stick of Directors or Actors talent but it is a measure of our expectations**

Sita, a summer special post elections is a familiar story set in an unfamiliar context. Movie is layered on the antagonist desperation for heroine but sprinkled with funny moments.

Director jumps right into the story. The characters reveal themselves without much effort and as the plot proceeds, it follows the path of Ramayan but with a bold new shake, where an arrogant Sita is saved by Ram, from the clutches of Pasupathi not Ravana while going through a journey of conscience that challenges the notions, Sita formed about life.

Actors gave convincing and wise performances. Sai Srinivas who played Ram, a man of rigorous honesty and high standards did a surprisingly good job and Kajal who doesn’t play at being likable, an arrogant hothead who commits her mind to money, gives an impression of never been better than she is here. Making an appearance after a gap, Sonu Sood gave a superb performance and dominates the frame he is in. Abhinav Gomatam (Who played Kaushik in Ee nagaraniki emaindi), especially is effective in a support role and Bitthiri Sathi is funny and spontaneous.

Movie lovers who buy a ticket for Sita are going to get what they expect, Typical Teja’s movie, an unconventional complex story with a feel that it was hard to condense inside 2 hr 45 min. Though parts of the film remind us of the epic ‘Ramayan’ and even past movies with comparable themes, the director and the actors make it a one time watch movie.