Why connect Islam to terrorism without blaming Hinduism for LTTE attacks – Imran Khan

On Saturday, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that Islam had nothing to do with terrorism.

Khan said at the Islamic Cooperation Organization(ICO) Summit in Makkah, “Nobody ever blame Hinduism for Tamil Tigers bombings or Japanese religion when they blew up on US vessels. So why is Islam labeled so?

However, he claimed that “the Muslim community has not been able to persuade the public that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism,” adding that the OIC should clarify its “propaganda” about Muslims.

The OIC is an international organization founded in 1969.

One of its primary objectives is to maintain Islamic social and financial principles and to maintain global peace and safety.

But some critics claim that in crisis there is a lack of true commitment and alternatives for Muslim nations, even as social and academic advancement has been produced.