World’s richest footballer Neymar was accused of Rape!

An unidentified woman has accused Brazilian footballer Neymar of raping her after inviting her to Paris last month. The woman, who claimed they met after exchanging Instagram messages, alleged that they “touched each other, but…Neymar became aggressive and, with violence, had sexual intercourse against [her] will”. Neymar’s father, who’s also his agent, has however called it a case of “blackmail”.

After that Neymar took to Instagram to share a seven-minute video wherein he denies the rape accusations against him and shares his WhatsApp chat with the accuser. In the chat, the woman can be seen sharing her intimate pictures. Neymar claimed he has been the victim of an extortion attempt by a lawyer claiming to represent the accuser.

In that video he clearly stated how the woman got in contact with him and shared all the chats between them. In those WhatsApp chats, the women has shared her private pictures which shows how desperate she was to gain Neymar’s attention towards her. Neymar barely replied to her in all those chats.