Modi looking to demolish CBN forever!

If someone knows Modi well, it is well known for them that Modi never forgets or forgives. Even within the party till now he has not forgiven a single person who has opposed him. Similarly, it can be expected that there is no chance for any outsider to get forgiven by Modi. As such is Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu. 

Naidu as tried to his core to heap incentives on Modi and drive all other parties against Modi. As sources say, it is clear that BJP has already started to plan a strategy to take revenge over TDP. For what Naidu did to Modi, Modi is said to be preparing a six-month plan for TDP. In these six months according to this plan, BJP is expected to be revived in AP and TDP is expected to struggle for its existence in the upcoming months. 

As by the plan, BJP will be luring 16 of TDP’s MLAs into BJP in the same manner as TRS did to Congress in Telangana state. By this step, TDP will become the alternative to the ruling party, YSRCP. A small glimpse of this plan has already been spotted in Anantapur district where BJP is trying to lure every possible TDP leader into BJP. The national leaders are staying in touch with the TDP leaders. This shows that BJP is trying hard to dismantle TDP.