Pawan Kalyan is back with a bang in Mangalagiri

Man of guts, is the name that suits actor turned politician, Pawan Kalyan. After such a massive defeat, any one would just get depressed and would have chosen to quit having no hope. After his defeat in 2019 elections in an unexpected way, Pawan along with his party have been trolled by a section of media. 

They have started to say that Pawan after such a defeat would opt to leave politics and get back to his usual work in acting. They trolled that he has no place in politics and must get back to movies to run along bushes as he usually does. They opined that  this one MLA let chief minister was unworthy to politics.

To such trolls being made over media, Pawan has given a banging response by gathering a meeting with Janasainiks and Janasena party members. He said that he will stay in politics till his last breathe. He told everyone that they can find him in his party office, any time they want. He is always available for the people seeking help from Janasena. He even said that he is always ready to fight for people. 

He added that from sources, it is known to him that 158 crores have been spent to defeat him in Bheemavaram. They did so as they wanted him to get him out of there. So he said he will not get out of there and would fight back till his corpse carried by four men.