Proud Moment for Rajikanth’s Fans: Know What it is!!

Superstar Rajinikanth has a strong fan base across the world. Rajinikanth is not only known for his acting skills, craze, he is very popular for his simplicity, hard work.

All his fans are waiting for his next movie ‘Darbar’. Before that, here is the proud moment for Rajinikanth’s fans. Guess, what it is?

He is one of the actors in the film industry having a super craze in the world. His hard working nature and simplicity are inspirations to everyone. This made, Rajinikanth’s life story to be included in the textbook in Tamilnadu.

His life story was published in fifth class textbooks under prominent leaders life story who reached that stage with their hard work, dedication. The list in the textbook includes the life stories of Charlie Chaplin, Steve Jobs etc.

The textbook tells the story that Rajinikanth worked as a Corporater at first and then he became bus conductor. After continuing bus conductor for many days, he became an actor.

Rest is history!!