Chay-Sam collaborate for a new business together?

After acting together, now the  pair Samantha and Chaitanya are up to do something big together. They are eager to start their own production house together. Already Akkineni family has two own production houses named Annapurna studio and Manam enterprises. 

And now it is being said by the sources that, this lovely couple seems to be planning to take control behind the screen. Both the launching and it’s preparation are said to be progressing in a faster pace. Sources say that Naga Chaitanya is passionate about starting of this production company. And that is why he is trying to take a plunge into active production. 

He has already started to look after some essential projects being made under Annapurna productions.  The upcoming flick Manmadhudu-2 starring Akkineni Nagarjuna is already bring produced under supervision of Samantha and Chaitanya. The sources also say that this company will produce any good film irrespective of the cast and experience of the cast. 

Till now in the film industry, they have shown that inherent talent and have now decided to start their own business. The wait now is to know, what the name of the production company is going to be. Hope this couple succeeds in their ambitions and their new business brings them prosperity.