I have worst experience with Naga Shourya : Samantha

Samantha’s upcoming movie Oh Baby is getting ready to get released soon. It is said to be a remake of a Korean comedy movie, Miss Granny. Recently is first song for released on the internet. This song got huge response and has risen expectations on the movie. 

And now the second song ‘ Naalo Maimarupu’ is said to be scheduled to get released soon. Samantha along with the movie’s director, Nandhini Reddy shared their experience regarding this song. Samantha said that making of this song was the worst experience she had. She added that Naga Shourya was a shy person. And while making romantic scenes, he would just not make it to required extent with her. 

So it was difficult for her to make that video song happen with Naga Shourya. Nandhini Reddy while talking about Naga Shourya said that he used be far between the shoots. This made Nandhini to think how did he became an actor. 

They also told that to break the ice between Samantha and Naga Shourya, Samantha had to take the initiative by talking about dogs to get along. The music for this movie is being directed by Mickey J Meyer. Even the first song was too good that the expectations over the second one have been set up too early to its release.