Create a road map for $5 trillion economy : Modi asks bureaucrats

On Monday, PM Narendra Modi held his first conference with all top government bureaucrats. At the conference, It is said that, Modi along with Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha asked them to a create roadmap to make India a $5 trillion economy while making “ease of living” their top priority.

“Every union government department and every district in each state has a part to play in making India an economy of $5 trillion,” said the Prime Minister while addressing the bureaucrats. He also touched upon the importance of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, and the need to make tangible progress towards this end. He urged them to use technology to improve outcomes and efficiency in each department.

During the meeting, Modi said the recent General Elections were marked by pro-incumbency, for which credit must go to the whole team of officials who have worked hard, designed schemes, and delivered results on the ground over the past five years.

Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha stated that the Sectoral Groups will have to come up with a 5-year plan with well-defined goals and milestones for each ministry. An official statement said that the group will also list an important impact decision in each ministry for which approvals will be taken within 100 days.

The statement indicated that several secretaries shared their view and thoughts on the issues of administration, agriculture, rural development and Panchayati Raj, IT projects, education reform, healthcare, industrial policy, economic growth and development of skills, among others.