Things that favour Harish Rao to enter into KCR’s cabinet!

Harish Rao had been kept in check by TRS chief KCR since the last elections though it was expected by everyone that he would be given a good position in the new government. And now it looks like time has come for Harish Rao. It is being said that he might be included into KCR’s cabinet. Along with him, KCR seems to take his son KTR also into his cabinet. 

According to sources, KCR wants his son to play a crucial role in government. Also former Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy who joined TRS after leaving Congress also is likely to get involved into KCR’s cabinet. It looks like Sabitha is being involved in order to silent KCR’s critics who had criticized him for not having a single woman in his cabinet. 

From Khammam there seems to be no representation, as Tummala Nageshwara Rao lost in 2018 polls. Congress MLA Vanama Venkateswara Rao who defeated TRS candidate and then joined TRS is likely to get ministry from Khammam. 

With all this happening, the line is clear for Harish Rao to enter KCR’s cabinet. 

Right now Harish Rao is known to be in US. And is expected to return to Hyderabad by the time of expansion of cabinet at the end of June. Harish Rao is the most popular party member in TRS after KTR and KCR. He has a huge following of his own. If in case he is neglected in expansion of KCR’s cabinet, there are chances of BJP pulling Harish out of TRS.