Jagan creating problems for KCR !

Even before the elections started in Andhra Pradesh, there had been  friendly gesture among KCR and Jagan. Even KCR visited Jagan’s swearing ceremony and had wished him good luck. KCR even said that he wants to see Jagan as Andhra’s CM for another 4 to 5 terms. But now, there seems to be some chances of KCR getting into trouble due to Jagan. In recent days after getting into position, Jagan had already started to working for the Benefit of Andhra people. He wants to implement all those he had promised to do. 

People of Andhra have already been rewarded many unexpected gifts from Jagan. One among those is merging of APSRTC into the government. The other such helps are, hiking of salaries for Anganawadi members and home guards, 27% interim relief to government employees, 2000cr input subsidy to farmers and scraping of CPS policy. Also many other such schemes will be initiated for the public. By such decisions of Jagan, it is being said that, KCR may soon land in trouble. 

According to sources, many departments which have been considered by Jagan in AP are in Telangana expecting the same from KCR. Most of the employees are thoughts for demanding hike in salaries. Also unemployed youth is also in thoughts of demanding new jobs and positions. By this KCR might get into pressure due to Jagan’s decisions. It is yet to watch, how KCR is going to react to Jagan’s work as Andhra’s new CM.