Just In: Tollywood director admitted in hospital

Do you Remember Raj Kiran, who directed movies such as Tripura, Luckkunnodu. He has suffered a mild heart stroke and has been admitted to a private hospital in Hyderabad a short while ago.

It is heard that Raj Kiran is busy with his new film ‘Viswamitra’ and it is slated for the release this Friday. As he is busy with its promotions, and due to stress, he suffered a mild stroke.

The doctors of Raj Kiran revealed that work stress made him to suffer a stroke.

Viswamitra was Produced by Madhavi Addanki and Rajinikanth Sunder Raj Kiran Cinemas production banner.

As per the media reports, the suspense thriller is based on true events that happened in New Zealand and America.

Let’s pray for his speedy recovery and hope his upcoming movie strikes well at the box office.