Ex-lovers turn enemies for father

It is already known that Vishal and Varalaxmi Sharath Kumar are very good friends. But, now things tuned bad between them because of Nadigar Sangham elections.

We are all known that Varalaxmi has supported Vishal earlier. The actual surprising element in that episode is, Vishal started a negative campaign on Varalaxmi’s father Sharath Kumar.

Though Vishal has started a negative campaign on Sharath Kumar, Varalaxmi has extended her support to Vishal.

But, in a shocking development, Varalaxmi lashed out Vishal via social media by posting her inner voice.

She warned Vishal seriously to stop talking against her father Sharath Kumar with immediate effect. It seems Vishal does not responded as of now on behalf of Varalaxmi Sharath Kumar’s warning.