What’s Shraddha’s role in ‘Saaho 2’?

With the release of Saaho teaser, the whole social media was taken by storm. Later, speaking about the film, director Sujeeth revealed some interesting facts. He told that he did not feel the pressure of directing a big star like Prabhas as Prabhas had faith in him. According to Sujeeth Prabhas had agreed to act in Saaho immediately after reading the script.

But he said that as the movie will be releasing in few days, now he feels little pressure. Further he also added, even the producers and the whole team showed confidence in him and thats what mattered him the most. 

With Saaho, Shraddha will be making her debut in Tollywood. Sujeeth revealed that she has a solid role in this thriller. He added that the female protagonist plays a vital role that drives the movie till end. Implanting a strong female role was a conscious decision.

He even said that while releasing the teaser, they had two options. One was to start the teaser with Prabhas being a huge star. The other was to start it with Shraddha and they happened to choose the second option.