Snapshot : Keerthy Suresh – Weight-Loss Makeover

Actress Keerthy Suresh, known for being a bit chubby and plump was trolled by people saying that she is not fit enough to be on the silver screen. Taking this as a challenge, the damsel has undergone a lot of transformation. By sweating it out in the gym for hours, the actress has finally reached her goals.

Looks like the weight loss mission has been successful and the beauty has now taken the internet by storm with her latest photographs.

Pictures she has shared has gone viral as people have noticed that she looks a bit leaner and have praised her for all the dedication she had towards reaching her fitness goals.

Well, she is in Spain now, shooting for the upcoming schedule of her next film. This film is being directed by Narendranath, a debutante, and is being produced by Mahesh S Koneru under East Coast Production house. This is a female-centric film and has an ensemble cast.

Dressed in a white bathrobe, the natural beauty was sun-kissed and the transformation she has been through gives us some really good fitness goals.