Team India to wear Orange jerseys in WC for one match

India will wear a new coloured jersey for the match against England in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup. To avoid a colour clash, “men in blue” will wear orange coloured jerseys for this match. June 30, all the team members will don orange coloured jerseys, in completely different attire.

As per the latest rule of ICC, for all televised ICC events, the participating teams must be required to provide two coloured kits before the start of the tournament. There is an exemption for the Host team as they as a preference in the choice of colour. All other teams will be notified which coloured kit will be worn in each match. 

Notably, South Africa changed the colour of their jerseys from green to dominate yellow colour on their second World Cup 2019 match on June 2 against Bangladesh, who also wore green. On Saturday, Afghanistan will also change the jerseys as both India and Afghanistan has the same colours. For India, the collar of the new shirts will likely have a blue colour intact and predominantly orange all over.