Chiranjeevi to get Rajya Sabha seat again?

According to the latest social media reports, megastar Chiranjeevi hopes to get back into active politics. Rumor, though, is that he might consider taking the saffron party cover.

Although BJP came to power at the center for the second time, in any of the southern states the party is not in power let alone win big. Top BJP party leaders in the Telugu states are trying to be aggressive and build their party with old timers. As part of this,’ Operation Kamalam’ has been undertaken and recently four members of the Rajya Sabha, including the industrialist Ambika Krishna, have already been inducted into the party.

Some leaders of the BJP state are already in talks with Chiranjeevi as part of this. If Chiranjeevi joins the BJP, it is discovered that the leadership is willing to offer him the presidency of the state BJP unit and the membership of Rajya Sabha.

As we all know Chiranjeevi’s Rajya Sabha term finished in 2018. Since then although he’s currently in the Congress party, he didn’t campaign for the party in the last general election and he’s not in touch with any leader of Congress.

Under this pretext, top BJP leaders may be planning to push him into the party. Over the next 2-3 days, senior leaders of BJP are likely to discuss the same with Chiranjeevi.