Uttam Kumar Reddy to continue as president of TPCC

R.C. Khuntia, AICC incharge for the state of Telangana confirmed to the media that current TPCC president and Nalgonda MP N. Uttam Kumar Reddy would continue as the president of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC).

Speaking at a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Monday, Khuntia said that the High Command currently has no proposal to change the president of the TPCC. He said the party was going to contest the upcoming municipal elections under Uttam Kumar Reddy’s leadership.

Khuntia said the Executive Committee of the TPCC would meet in Nagarjuna Sagar on June 29. He said that a committee headed by TPCC Working President Ponnam Prabhakar was formed to oversee municipal election strategy. He also reported that meetings of the zonal, district and block committees would take place every month from 1st to 3rd. He said the meeting would take place in the first week of July with newly elected MPTC and ZPTC members.

The AICC Incharge said the party was assessing the ground-level reasons for defeat in the last elections to the Assembly and it would take corrective action to strengthen the party.