Finally, Rajagopal Reddy announces that he is joining BJP

Finally, the leader of the Congress Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy announced that he would join the State BJP.

Rajagopal Reddy made clear in his address to reporters in the national capital on Tuesday that he had decided to join the BJP to overturn the ruling TRS party in the State.

He also said he felt strongly that by continuing in Congress he could not do justice to his constituents. He revealed he had twice received feelers from the BJP and explored the moral dilemma with BJP leader Ram Madhav.

Reiterating that the BJP was the state’s only alternative to the TRS, Rajagopal Reddy said the BJP has a great state future.

Refuting the allegations that he chose to join the BJP to protect his business interests, he said that if he wanted to protect his business interests, he would have joined the TRS for a long time.