TRS accuse BJP leaders of raking up communal tensions in Telangana

While addressing a press conference in Telangana Bhavan, TRS MLC Karne Prabhakar alleged that BJP leaders are trying to create communal tension in the state. 

He accused BJP leaders for raking up issues in Telangana. He said that after winning four MP Seats, the BJP leaders has been making irresponsible statements.

He told that the BJP MP, Soyam Bapurao, was trying to disturb peace in Adilabad district. 

He reminded that Mr Bapurao had said that he would behead Muslims if they harassed tribal women. Prabhakar has demanded the MP to withdraw these comments and apologise to the people.

He said there was no place for communal politics in Telangana state and that BJP leaders Bandi Sanjay Kumar and T. Raja Singh were raking up issues for political gain.  

In addition, he addressed that BJP state president Dr K. Laxman should intervene in the issue. The MLC said that the people were with the TRS and would not allow the BJP leaders’ communal politics in the state.