Vijay Devarakonda breaks down at Dorasani Pre-Release event 

Yes, you read it right and it is quite hard to believe that a person with such agressive attitude like Vijay Devarakonda breaking down into tears on the mid-stage. This has happened at Dorasani pre-release event, when he was talking about his brother Anand who is debuting as a hero.

Vijay said that he hasn’t supported his brother enough when he expressed his desire to enter into movie just because I want him to experience how to select the script, carve the film and take it to theatres, just like him as being an actor and told that becoming an actor is not such an easy job. 

Later he added, “I’m here where I’m today because of my brother only. He used to send money back home from the USA to support the family and only because of that support, today I’m standing here”, breaking into tears. 

His eyes filled into tears, he stressed, “When everyone asking me about the film , I said that I don’t know anything about the film. I felt bad for not attending Pooja and not promoting his movie on Twitter and by other means just to get trolled and to let him experience the criticism for greater good.”

Later, Vijay said that he already watched the film and appreciated the work of director and said that I was a pretty good film while Sivathmika and Anand added a beauty to it. He praised the cinematographer and music director and concluded that the director literally locked it.