Video : Kangana lashed out a Journalist at song launch event

Kangana Ranaut got into an argument with a journalist at a song launch event and said he had “bashed” her film ‘Manikarnika’. The actor had a heated argument with a journalist from PTI, accusing him of bashing Manikarnika.

As the journalist introduced himself, Kangana immediately said that he has become an enemy for her. Kangana says, “You were bashing ‘Manikarnika’. Have I done anything wrong by making a film on nationalism?” “You called me a jingoistic woman who is making a film on nationalism,” she added.

Not stopping there she went on saying, “You came to my van to interview me…spent at least three hours there and we had lunch together…You had messaged me also,” she added. The journalist, however, denied that he texted Kangana or had lunch with her and told that the interview lasted for only half an hour. 

The journalist even said that he hadn’t tweeted anything along the same lines. “You cannot intimidate a journalist because you are in a power position”, he said. He asked Kangana to share the screenshot of the message he had sent but Kangana didn’t gave a proper response to that.