Jagan lauds KCR’s efforts in AP assembly

A lot of interesting discussions took place today on the first day of the budget sessions of the AP assembly. With the start of the session, TDP MLAs began to question Jagan why he attended the inauguration of the Kaleshwaram Project. In-turn Jagan questioned those MLAs about what they were doing while the project was being started in their tenure.

Jagan seemed to have defended his position in visiting the Kaleshwaram Project in his words. In the assembly, he even praised the KCR. He said, “I went to Telangana to maintain good relations with neighboring states. In fact, KCR said that Godavari river water would be diverted to Nagarjuna sagar and Srisailam projects that could not only give water to Telangana districts, but also to Rayalaseema and four other districts in Andhra Pradesh. He was magnanimous.”

Jagan even stated that instead of appreciating his efforts, we have been fighting with him and filing petitions while he is completing projects one after another. He added that, we have been taking these issues to court which in turn takes decades for solutions.

Before this, opposition leader Nara Chandra Babu Naidu said, “It’s true that the allocation of water resources is an issue between the Telugu states and TDP is continuously trying to bring a solution to it. Jagan thinks that if he talks louder we’re going to calm down but that’s not going to happen in the assembly and we’re going to keep fighting for the rights of five crore Andhra people”.

“Throughout his tenure, Chandra Babu Naidu hasn’t maintained good relations with KCR and has always accused him of political mileage.This itched the president of the TRS party and began to give him back whenever he had an opportunity.