Parking a dirty car may result in a heavy penalty

In coming days, car owners may have to pay fines if their car is dirty and parked in public parking spaces .

However it’s not in India but in Dubai, a city conscious about its clean image. According to a rule issued by the municipality, residents will be issued with a dirham 500 (approx Rs 10,000) fine if they leave their vehicle parked on public parking spaces, and leave it unwashed for a long period of time.

Dubai Municipality explained that leaving their vehicle parked on public parking spaces can “tarnish the aesthetic appearance of the city,” and issued the reminder to residents who might be planning a long trip abroad during their summer holiday, The Gulf News reported.

The municipal inspectors will target such vehicles that may look damaged, vandalised or have been stationary for a long time, and then a violation notice will be issued by putting a warning sticker on the car.

Once the unkempt car has been identified, inspectors will stick a notice on the vehicle’s windshield.

Drivers will then have 15 days to clean the vehicle; otherwise, the car will be impounded by authorities.

“If motorists fail to respond within this period, the vehicle will be confiscated and shifted to the scrap yard. And if the owner of the vehicle owner still refuses to pay the fine, the vehicle will be sold at auction,” said Al Saifaie, director of Dubai Municipality’s waste management department.