Telangana Government plans to modernise medical facilities – Etela Rajender

Health Minister Etela Rajender said that the Telangana Government is planning to modernise medical facilities in State-run hospitals to achieve its objective of rendering quality medical services.

He has reiterated that the government’s aim was to provide quality medical services to the public in the State and providing medical services is one of the basic responsibilities of the government. 

“All hospitals are now extending quality services and are being equipped with advanced medical technologies,” he said. “Patients should not face inconvenience and are entitled to get better medical services,” he added.

He further said that the mobile laboratory vans are going to be introduced to carry out diagnosis of various diseases, including blood tests in rural areas. 

To provide medical services to victims of road accidents on national highways, trauma centres will also be created soon.

The minister further said that government hospitals would be provided with CT, MRI and other investigating machines.