Telangana Youth Congress seeks 40% of tickets in municipal polls

The Youth Congress in Telangana sought 40 per cent of tickets to its leaders and workers in the coming municipal polls. The active Youth Congress has said that it would take drastic decisions if their leaders won’t get tickets. 

In letter to state Congress chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy, Youth Congress president M Anil Kumar Yadav said youth Congress activists have been disappointed as they were denied tickets in last year’s assembly elections and the recent rural local body elections.

“I request (you) to sow the seeds for growth parties of future leadership by giving opportunity to those actively working in Youth Congress in the new District Congress Committees to be appointed soon and by allocating 40 per cent tickets in all municipalities to Youth Congress leaders/activists, without citing any false pretext. I inform that the State Congress is going to take drastic decisions otherwise,” Yadav said in the letter.

It is known that the Congress had suffered a massive defeat in the Telangana assembly elections, which were held in December 2018.

Moreover, the party had won three seats in the Lok Sabha polls.  The municipal elections are expected to take place early next month.